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Our Shop

We are lucky enough to have a large and fully stocked machine shop at our disposal. As a result, we are more than willing to rent out our time and machines to other teams who need assistance with making parts. 

Prices are on a case by case basis and will be based on the difficulty, amount of material, and amount of time needed to create the piece. 

In our shop we have: 


  • A 3d printer

  • A laser cutter

  • A 3 axis CNC milling machine made by HAAS Automation

  • Five lathes

  • One CNC lathe

  • Mig and Tig welding capabilities

  • Four milling machines

  • A de-buffer/tumbler

  • Two sanders

  • A plasma cutter

  • A horizontal and a vertical bandsaw

We are also currently able to anodize anything smaller than 13in by 8in.

Machines in the machine shop
Photo of machine shop

Napa High School also has a machine tech class! To learn more, visit their website here.

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